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Fermadur® - The compression sealing system for expansion joints

  • Developed on the basis of decades of sealing experience
  • Can be fitted under any weather coditions and against pressing water
  • Deformation-dependent resistance to pressure up to 1.0 bar
  • Reliable fitting by trained personnel

Fermadur® is a sealing cord based on closed-cell elastomers woth a smooth outer skin and a circular cross-section.

This sealing packing has been developed from the rolling ring which has proved its value for over 20 years as a seal for pipe connections of concrete, reinforced concrete or stoneware sewage pipelines.

Fermadur® exercises its sealing effect by resetting forces thar are produced as the sealing cord is deformed when being pressed intro the joint. The cord need not to be glued to the joint edges and this is why Fermadur® can be applied under any weather conditions, in summer and winter, in rain or snow. Even under constant water pressure, Fermadur® can be fitted into the joint and become effective immediately. The resistance to water pressure can be adjusted by changing the degree of deformation. With a high degree of deformation, tightness up to a water pressure of 1.0 bar can be obtained. Higher pressures upon request.