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Material properties

Material properties

Physical properties:  
Tensile strength >= 2N/mm²
Breaking strength >= 350 %
Compression set
(after 24 hours storage at 70 degree celsius)
<= 20 %
Stress - relaxation in compression
<= 45 %
Tested according to DIN 4060  

Resistance to water pressure:

For application of Fermadur® S up to a maximum of 1.0 bar.
For application of Fermadur® C up to a maximum of 0.5 bar.

Application temperature:
Workable from - 5 degree celsius to + 50 degree celsius.


Resistance to chemical and physical effects:

Resistant to:

Waste water in the range from pH 2 to pH 12

Diluted acids and alkaline solutions, chlorinated water, detergents, weather influences.

If the material is to be exposed to especially aggressive substances, please consult us and give us the chemical name of the substance concerned.

Conditionally restistant to:
Petrol, mineral oil and heating oil, alcohol

Not permanently resistant to:

Organic solvents (toluene, ethyl acetate, MEK etc.)

Test certificates of various Fermadur® qualities have beend issued by MPA Dortmund and FMPA Baden-Württemberg (Material Testing Laboratories).